My name is Nadim Afiouni and welcome to my blog!

I am Lebanese, grew up in the United Kingdom and am now living in New York where I study Engineering at NYU. I am an FA-licensed coach and am also currently taking a course in Football Business Fundamentals at the Johan Cruyff Institute. I have been passionate about football ever since I can remember and have been a student of the game since the beginning. However, growing up abroad I found it difficult to follow Lebanese football, even the National Team, because my Arabic was not good enough to read the local newspapers and those were the only sources of information. Therefore, I started this blog in order to make Lebanese football a bit more accessible, especially to non-Arabic speakers and the many members of the Lebanese diaspora who long to reconnect with their homeland through the beautiful game that is football. I also aim to offer a slightly different perspective on the domestic game based on the football education I received in the UK and analyse the game in Lebanon from a European point of view. Ultimately, I write not as a journalist but as a coach and therefore my content will always take that into account, focusing on the management and tactical sides of the game, with the idea that I may bring something new and different to Lebanese football and with the hope that this will help bring positive change to the domestic game.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope that you enjoy it!